May Caregiver of the Month: Juanita Reszkowski

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Caregiver of the month of May: Juanita Reszkowski

Juanita has been a dedicated and valuable team member of ExpertCare for the past 2 years. Her nomination is a testament to her hard work and the positive impact she has made on the people she works with. It’s particularly inspiring to hear that Juanita’s kindness and reliability have been recognized, as well as her flexibility with scheduling. The parent of the recipient Juanita works with commented that she is not only dedicated to her job, but also deeply committed to providing the best possible care for her son. They went on to say that Juanita is attentive to their sons needs and is always looking for ways to engage and challenge him. This shows that she is not only meeting his basic needs, but also striving to help him grow and develop. It’s especially heartwarming to learn that Juanita has helped her recipient achieve his goals, including the ability to pick up a spoon. It sounds like Juanita is not only a skilled and competent worker, but also a compassionate and empathetic person. Her dedication, professionalism, and caring nature are truly admirable. ExpertCare truly appreciates everything she does and is very proud to have her represent ExpertCare in the field. Thank you for your hard work and dedication in changing the lives of others.

Thank you for demonstrating ExpertCare’s core values of:

Helping People Succeed

Passion for Success

Can Do Attitude

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