June Caregiver of the Month: Adrienne Thomas

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Caregiver of the month of June: Adrienne Thomas


Adrienne has been a loyal caregiver with ExpertCare for the past 6 years! She’s always proven to be reliable and caring staff. For the past few years, she has been working with her recipient on goals to become more independent. Adrienne has been such dedicated staff that the recipient has been able to consistently meet her goals. It’s impressive how much Adrienne has impacted her recipient’s life. Adrienne has now started assisting other recipients again and we are so excited to see her continue to grow and to shine. ExpertCare truly appreciates everything she does and is very proud to have her represent ExpertCare in the field. Thank you both for your hard work and dedication in changing the lives of others.

Thank you for demonstrating ExpertCare’s core values of:

Helping People Succeed

Passion for Success

Can Do Attitude

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