A Message to ExpertCare Clients

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ExpertCare Clients,

Today Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a Stay Home Executive Order that is effective at midnight.  The Stay Home Executive Order has multiple exceptions including the care of persons with disabilities. This exception means we continue to provide services as usual.


As we continue to provide services it is crucial we continue to take preventative measures and self-monitor for signs of illness consistent with COVID-19.  If you or someone in your home have symptoms of an illness, please postpone services until receiving guidance from a healthcare professional. They will determine if a medical evaluation is necessary or other measures should be taken. Please notify ExpertCare at 248-643-8900 if you are unable to receive services at this time and on advised measures if applicable.


We want to thank you for your communication efforts with our team and working together to ensure ongoing support services can be delivered in this unprecedented time. The ExpertCare team is still maintaining our daily business operations and coordination of services to ensure individuals who depend on us are receiving the support services they need. We encourage you to contact the office at 248-643-8900  if you have any questions or concerns.


Stay healthy and safe,


The ExpertCare Team



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