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Setting Boundaries and Expectations

Frequently Asked Questions

ExpertCare CLS/Respite Referral Form

Recipient Rights for Persons Served and Families

Families and persons served receive a copy of recipient rights. This informs them of the right of the person served. ExpertCare is dedicated to upholding the rights of those we serve. If you would like to hear podcasts of rights click on the link.

Podcasts of Your Rights

The following forms need to be completed and returned to ExpertCare for services to begin:

CMH Forms

CMH Therapy Services Forms

CMH Recipient Packet

CMH Recipient Welcome Booklet

Therapy Services Client Welcome Packet

Therapy Services Agreement

Recipient Rights Policies

Recipient Rights Policies – visual version

Therapy Services Recipient Packet

Therapy Services Appointment Cancellation Policy

MDHHS Your Rights Recipient Rights booklet

Privacy Practices

Complaint Procedures

Please return the documents in one of the following ways:

E-mail through our secure portal:
Scan the completed documents and select “recruiters” option.

Fax the signed documents to: 248-740-3505

Mail the documents to: 210 Town Center Dr., Troy, MI 48084

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Working for ExpertCare means working for a company that is passionate about “Helping People Succeed” and working for a management team that treats others with respect and dignity.

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Home and Community Based Services

ExpertCare provides home and community support services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ExpertCare provides services under contract through local community mental health agencies. Depending on the patient’s eligibility community mental health organizations may cover all or a portion of these services.

Home Health Care

ExpertCare Home Healthcare offers an array of health care services that are provided in your own home. Individuals that are eligible for Medicare Home Health services must be under the care of a physician, are unable to leave the home unassisted for required medical care and have a need for skilled nursing care, physical, occupational or speech therapy services.

Helping People Succeed

Working for ExpertCare means working for a company that is passionate about “Helping People Succeed” and working for a management team that treats others with respect and dignity.

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ExpertCare is the employer of the caregiver and healthcare professional working in your home and directs the staff in the job duties and work expectations. Because the person is working in your home, there are some boundaries and expectations you can set to make the experience better for everyone. Here are some resources for your reference.

Suggested Topics for House Rules

House Rules Form to Display

Frequently Asked Questions from Caregivers:

1) What do I do after I complete an interview with the consumer family? Call a Staffing Consultant at ExpertCare.

2) What should I do if I haven’t heard from the consumer family about my work schedule? Call a Staffing Consultant at ExpertCare. The Staffing Consultant will call the family and then call you back.

3) What do I do if I do not want to return to the case I was working on? Call ExpertCare and ask to speak with a Staffing Consultant. The Staffing Consultant will then call with the consumer family.

4) What if I cannot work today? Who should I call? Call ExpertCare as soon as you know you will be unable to work your scheduled hours, during business hours. You must speak with a Staffing Consultant. If you are calling after hours, please contact the on-call phone at (248) 229-3088.

5) When are timesheets due? Timesheets, progress notes, data sheets, and any other documentation are due at 8:00 a.m. every Monday, even if a holiday falls on a Monday. Timesheets should be sent in each week after the end of your last shift for the week.

6) How many hours am I allowed to work? You are only approved to work the hours within the consumer’s budget. Each consumer’s budget differs. Please check with ExpertCare on how many hours you can work with your consumer.

7) What do I do if another service is being provided to the consumer during my shift? Contact ExpertCare right away. In most circumstances, only 1 service may be provided at a time. Any exceptions must be approved through ExpertCare.

8) Can I transport my consumer to medical appointments? No. Per the Michigan Medicaid Provider Manual, “transportation to and from medical appointments” is not approved as a CLS activity.

9) Who is able to authorize me to work? Only ExpertCare can authorize you to work. If you are uncertain if you are able to start working with a consumer or return to case, please contact ExpertCare and ask to speak with any Staffing Consultant.

10) What do I do if the Supports Coordinator or consumer’s parent/guardian tells me I can start working? Please call ExpertCare. Only ExpertCare can authorize you to begin working with a consumer. Only ExpertCare can verify that all the requirements and forms have been received into our office, allowing you to start work.

11) What do I do if the consumer’s parent/guardian wants me to care for other children in the home while I am working? This is not allowed. All services are to be provided 1-on-1. Please call ExpertCare if the parent/guardian makes a request for you to watch other children in the home.

12) Can I bring my child to work if the consumer’s parent/guardian says it is OK? No. Bringing others to your place of work violates Medicaid, HIPAA, and ExpertCare’s policies.

13) Can I run my own errands when working with the consumer? No. You should be working on goals as indicated in the consumer’s Individualized Plan of Services (IPOS).

14) Can I have my consumer meet my family and/or friends as part of working on a goal of socialization? No. If socialization is a goal in the IPOS, this may be accomplished out in the community and through developing relationships with age-appropriate individuals in the community.

15) Can I complete my online trainings while working with my consumer? No. Trainings must be completed when you are not working with your consumer.

16) How do I submit my timesheets? Timesheets can be faxed, mailed, emailed through our secure portal located on our website, brought into our office during business hours, or dropped in the office drop box.

17) How can I get more timesheets? Timesheets and notes pages are found on the website for you to print. You can also call ExpertCare to request timesheets and other necessary documentation to be mailed. Allow 48 hours for this request.

18) Can I accept money or gifts from my consumer or consumer family? Caregivers cannot accept money or gifts from the consumer or family. Accepting money or gifts is a Recipient Rights violation.

19) What if I am not sure what activities to do in the community with my consumer? Please visit the events tab under “Resources” on the ExpertCare website or go to our Facebook page at

20) What do I do if an incident occurs when ExpertCare’s office is closed? Call the after-hours on-call phone at (248) 229-3088.

21) Do I have to have direct deposit? Can I receive paper checks? You have the opportunity to choose direct deposit into your existing checking or savings account or we can issue a Rapid Paycard to you for your deposits. We do not issue paper checks.

22) If I submit more than one timesheet at a time, can they be paid separately? Unfortunately, we cannot pay timesheets submitted at the same time in separate deposits.

23) How do I reset Prism HR password? On the main screen of the PRISM HR employee website, you can either select “forgot username?” or “forgot password?” for a user name retrieval or password reset. ExpertCare does not have the ability or access to reset these passwords for you.

24) When will I receive my W-2? W-2s are ready for viewing through the Prism HR site and mailed to you by the last day of January of the new year.

25) What do I do if I didn’t receive my W2 or misplaced it? W2s are available electronically on the payroll portal, Prism HR. Under the Payroll category, select W2 reprint and select the year from the drop-down menu. If you need us to send you a W2 reprint, you must complete the W2 Reprint Request form before we can complete your request. Please contact HR to obtain the form. W2 reprints can ONLY be sent through mail once the Reprint Request form is received. We do not send W2 reprints via fax or email and we do not allow employees to pick up their W2s in the office.

26) How long before my new direct deposit information will go into effect? Generally, if the Direct Deposit information is received and entered by us before EOB Monday, it’ll go into effect that week If the information is received after Monday, the direct deposit will go into effect the following week.

27) How do I request copies of pay stub requests and/or employment verifications? Any request for pay stub printing or employment verifications must be submitted to us in writing with the caregiver signature. For the caregiver’s protection, we will not process these requests without a written request and signature.

28) When will trainings be paid? Trainings are processed for payment within two weeks of taking your class or receiving your training documentation. The training will be deposited on Friday

29) What if I need to know how many hours are left in my consumer’s budget? Please call ExpertCare to check how many hours are left in your consumer’s budget.

30) Why can’t I see my payroll deposit on Thursday? ExpertCare payrolls are dated each Friday, so generally you will not see your deposit until Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions from Consumer Families:

1) What should I ask the Caregiver during the interview? Some questions you could consider asking the Caregiver during an interview may be:

• What experience do you have providing care?
• What qualities do you have that make you a successful Caregiver?
• What is the most challenging thing you have experienced in this type of work?
• Why did you choose this field of work?
• What schedule are you able to work?

2) How many hours can my Caregiver work each week? Caregivers must remain within the authorized budgeted hours, as indicated in the Individual Plan of Service (IPOS). Contact ExpertCare if you are uncertain of the weekly or monthly authorized hours.

3) What should I do if the timesheet my Caregiver gives me to sign is incorrect? Do not sign a timesheet that indicates incorrect times. Timesheets should be reviewed every week your Caregiver works and signed at the end of the work week. You are responsible for reviewing the hours indicated on the timesheet prior to signing.

4) What should I do if my Caregiver asks me to sign a blank timesheet? Do not sign a blank timesheet. Contact ExpertCare if you are asked by to sign a blank timesheet. Timesheets and required documentation must be completely filled out for the hours worked prior to requesting your signature. An “X” should be marked through the days your Caregiver did not work.

5) How do I know what the Caregiver should be doing with my loved one? Goals should be indicated in the Individual Plan of Service (IPOS) and documentation should reflect the goals the Caregiver worked on each day.

6) What should I do if I have concerns about my Caregiver providing care or haven’t heard from them in over a week? Call ExpertCare ASAP and speak with any Staffing Consultant at 248-643-8900.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Skilled Services:

1) What do I do if I need to cancel a therapy session? Call the ExpertCare therapy services phone at 248-901-9388.

2) What is the cancellation policy for therapy appointments? We require 24 -hour notice to cancel a scheduled appointment. If you have an emergency and need to cancel, please call the ExpertCare therapy services phone at 248-901-9388 as soon as you know that you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment.

3) What insurance do you accept for therapy services? We accept Medicare and Medicaid only.

4) What do I need in order to get therapy services? You will need an Rx from your physician with the diagnosis, and the type of therapy begin prescribed. We contract with Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority. Your Support Coordinator may send a referral for your services to ExpertCare as well.

5) If I have to cancel, can my therapist just come on a different day? Our therapists have a weekly schedule for all of the clients that they see. They cannot typically reschedule to another day; however check with ExpertCare therapy services at 248-901-9388 to see if there were any cancellations.

6) Do therapists still come to the home if school is canceled? The therapists will visit their scheduled clients unless the therapist determines it is unsafe for them to travel. If the therapist is not going to visit, you will receive a phone call from ExpertCare letting you know.

ExpertCare staff is required to report any suspicion of abuse or neglect by any person to their supervisor and then the proper authority: Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, Recipient Rights or other appropriate authority. A Community Mental Health complaint form can be filled out by anyone. These forms are used when it is suspected that a volunteer or employee of a provider agency has violated the rights of a person receiving services.

The forms used by Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority (OCCMHA) for any suspected rights violation can be seen here. Incident Reports for other counties can be found here.

OCCMHA Incident Report

OCCMHA Complaint Form

If you would like Incident Reports available in your home for staff to use, please contact us at 866-812-8896 and request they be sent to you.

Working for ExpertCare means working for a company that is passionate about “Helping People Succeed” and working for a management team that treats others with respect and dignity.

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