About Us

About ExpertCare

ExpertCare is a Medicare certified home health care agency providing quality skilled medical and non-medical home care services throughout Southeast Michigan since 1991.  With the combined professional expertise of in home care and human resources, ExpertCare is dedicated to providing exceptional care in the comfort of your own home.

ExpertCare has well-trained and devoted staff that are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services to our clients.  We will provide the highest quality of home health care; implement timely communication with the patient and physician, to coordinate the most effective plan of care.

ExpertCare understands the critical importance of reliability and that is why all of our licensed and certified home care professionals go through ExpertCare’s 10 Step Screening Process.  This process creates a comprehensive approach to identifying quality health care professionals.  ExpertCare’s unique approach involves a multifaceted assessment, which has been refined over the years and includes face-to-face interviews, background check, drug screening and a comprehensive training component.

ExpertCare has developed a support team of professionals who are passionate about “Helping People Succeed”.  This passion takes on a true accomplishment and positively impacts the lives of others.  The demands placed on every business require that employees bring the totality of who they are to the game; they actively engage their heart, mind, and soul with relentless determination.

Why ExpertCare for Your Non-Medical Home Care?

Our trained professional staff is committed to the patient’s well-being. We carefully screen each employee with ExpertCare’s “10 Step” Screening Process. We hire so the patient receives the highest quality of care. ExpertCare helps each patient through health education and home safety techniques. We educate our patients with the management of their illness and fall prevention strategies specific to areas of risk.

Our Purpose:

ExpertCare’s core purpose is “Helping People Succeed”.  Employees of ExpertCare are expected to be passionate and enthusiastic about:

  • Helping People Succeed (heart),
  • Being a continuous learner seeking knowledge (mind), and
  • Doing the right thing (soul).

ExpertCare focuses all decisions on “doing the right thing”.  To aid employees in this endeavor, ExpertCare has a code of conduct that all are to follow.  Our code of conduct is available by clicking on the link: Code of Conduct.

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