December 2016 ExpertCare Caregiver of the Month



The Caregiver of the Month for December is Nicole Beccaccio

Nicole has been an outstanding Caregiver since starting with ExpertCare this year. Nicole has developed such a great rapport with the individuals that she serves. The family she works with reached out to share what an amazing Caregiver Nicole truly is.  The family expressed how she is always willing to help in any way possible and go the extra mile providing support. The family is in awe of how she has helped her Consumer gain confidence and stated that through all of the years they have had Caregivers, no one compares to Nicole. She exhibits such patience and encouragement while working with her Consumer and makes a wonderful and positive impact. Nicole is a shining example of what a perfect Caregiver is. Great job on your continued success!


Thank you for demonstrating ExpertCare’s core values of:

Helping People Succeed

Passion for Success

Can Do Attitude

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