A great big thank you for the staff that you sent to my home.   It was so interesting, each one so different and so good in each of their areas.  One caregiver was really into helping with medication reminders, another into helping with laundry, folding clothes, straightening up the house – all were excellent.  Sure makes going to work much easier knowing you have competent, honest people in your home.  Each day they met with the visiting nurses and wrote great notes for me. One caregiver even went to the doctor’s with me in case I needed help.  Again, thank you!

–  C. B., client’s wife

ExpertCare is so good.  They are just terrific to work with.  They are always so on top of things.  If we call them with ideas they are ready to accept them.

–  C.B., Business Owner

Ruth is an angel.  We’ve had CLS staff for years and until Ruth came, I never knew what a staff was supposed to do.  Ruth has done more for my son than years of caregivers before her.

–  J.B., client’s mother

Stacie is one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with.  She has found us some very, very good employees.  She relates to our clients like they are friends, which many people are unable to do.  She is a 100% asset to your company.  Stacie is definitely one of the reasons that I recommend your company to peers.

–  C. B., Executive Director

Thank you for everything you have done for my daughter.  If she could have stayed in her current living situation, we would continue to use your service.  I know you and your staff went above and beyond normal service.  I was comfortable vacationing out-of-state knowing my daughter was in good hands.  I would recommend ExpertCare to anyone who had a child with a disability.

–  E.W., client’s mother

They are willing to go the extra mile and are always conscious of the human face associated with service delivery.  They do not hesitate to look for solutions to challenges rather than to find blame for imperfections.

–  J.M., Director of Social Work

My sister’s caregiver is very attentive to her needs and abilities.  She always has a good care plan and many goals for her.  She is able to motivate my sister to work on social skills and giving her pride in herself.

–  J. D., client family member

Thank you, Cindy, for being such a good trainer.  My mother was having a stroke and the signs (F.A.C.E) that I learned in the ExpertCare training class helped save my mother’s life.

–  E. H., Caregiver

When Jennifer leaves at the end of the night, we, as a family, feel that Andrew has received the best care possible.

–  M.L., Client family member (sister)

I could not have asked for a better caregiver.  She has been a blessing in my life and in my son’s life.  I’ve never met someone so caring and thoughtful.

–  A.T.,  client’s mother

Ruth is wonderful to us and has been a role model for us in staying strong within yourself.

–  J.B. and D.D., client

Besides the wonderful relationship she (caregiver) has with our daughter, she has established a professional relationship with Katie’s Support Coordinator from MORC and Katie’s teacher.

–  L.H, client’s mother

Julie has been there through the good times but more important, through the trying times. She is an inspiration for anyone.   She has gone over and above my expectations.

–  C.W., client’s mother